Why I always go back to the iPhone

There are so many smart phones to choose from; Android devices made by Samsung, HTC, LG, Pantech etc, Blackberry devices, Windows Phones and of course the Apple iPhone. I have been an iPhone user since the iPhone 3G. The iPhone was my first smartphone and as well as one of my favorite devices of all time. I was amazed by it’s beautiful 3.5″ display, sleek design, apps and intuitive OS. That was a long time ago. Now we have even more powerful devices with bigger screens, better hardware and 4G connectivity. I have used the best smart phones available like the Samsung Galaxy S II, S II Skyrocket, Galaxy Nexus, and Galaxy Note. These devices offer more features than the iPhone like customizable OS, 4G LTE, bigger screen, removable batteries and expandable storage. While I do find these features great, the iPhone is in a class of its own and here are the reasons why I end up going back to the iPhone.

  • Design – The hardware and design of the iPhone is one of the main reasons why I go back to my iPhone 4S; even though the concept is about to hit its 2 year anniversary. The iPhone glass and stainless steel construction makes it one of the best looking devices on the market. The phone feels solid and well built. The only manufacturer I have seen close to the iPhone is HTC and Blackberry (Bold 9900). Samsung devices are made completely out of plastic. Despite Samsung’s incredibly thin and light phones, I want my phone to look and feel like a premium smart phone.
  • iOS – iOS is the operating system that runs on many of Apple’s mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This one was really tough because there are days I dislike iOS but others where I enjoy iOS. Here is what I like about iOS. The OS looks clean, elegant and so easy to use a baby can use it (and yes, I have seen babies use iPhones). iOS is the smoothest and has the best performance compared to any other mobile operating system in my opinion. Everything from launching applications, to multitasking, and surfing the web, is buttery smooth. I don’t remember a time my iPhone 4S slowed down on me. Notifications work the same way as Android but can be customized to be present or not and you can even arrange the order. What I dislike about iOS is that the home screens are boring to look at. They just simply consist of your applications in a 4 by 4 grid; no widgets or live wallpapers.
  • Applications – The App Store has over 500,000 apps. There really is an app for everything. I know the Google Play Store has many of the same apps as the Apple App Store but not all of them. Many of these similar apps do not have the same quality and features. The App Store holds many exclusive apps like Infinity Blade and many more. Even apps like Instagram have been on the iPhone for months and have not made it to the Google Play Store. When I want to download an application, I am very confident that it will be in the App Store.
  • Accessories – I bet you never expected that. Even accessories for my iPhone was a reason to ditch my Android phone for my iPhone 4S. The iPhone definitely has the biggest selection of accessoires of any mobile device. There are hundreds of thousands of different cases for the iPhone, as well as skins, screen protectors, docks, bluetooths, and much more. I have seen countless accessories with the logo print “made for iPhone”. Even Beats by Dr Dre (which has a very close partnership with HTC) designs full speakers with a 30 pin dock to mount your iPhone or iPod onto it. I could name countless other companies like Monster, Casemate, iFrogz, Mophie, Otterbox, and Spec that choose to invest more money into iPhone accessories than any other mobile device.
The iPhone may not be the best or even the most powerful device but it ranks very high in customer satisfaction and is the best selling smartphone of all time. The iPhone is the most well rounded device on the market in my opinion; excellent camera, sharp display, great build, easy to use operating system, and a great multimedia phone.


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3 responses to “Why I always go back to the iPhone”

  1. writetothem says :

    I so agree. It took me forever to decide what phone to get, but I love my iphone, my ipad and my ipod! Never going back!

  2. ALEK says :

    I feel it necessary to add that one of the reasons Android has less apps is because many apps, like Instagram, are not necessary, as the functionality is built into android.
    But at least you gave everyone else a fighting chance.

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