Do You Have An iPhone? 5 Reasons To Get One!

The iPhone. In my opinion, Apple’s greatest product to ever be created by their hands. The iPhone has been more than a smartphone for many people, and its been the best cell phone that I have ever owned. For those contemplating on their next phone purchase, here’s 5 reasons to buy an iPhone: 

1. Consistency: The iPhone has been the most consistent phone that I ever have used. Owning previous Android and Blackberry devices have really proven to me that nothing produces day in/night than an iPhone. It just works.

2. Apps: I know that those owning Android devices say “We have the same apps that you do, there’s no difference.” Well there is one. The quality of applications in the App Store are vastly more polished than the other platform’s apps, and offer nicer design in tune with iOS’s interface.

3. iMessage: Definitely one of the best innovations that Apple has developed, and it connects iOS users in a much smarter and efficient manner. Sending messages are now thru data connection, Wi-fi or the network, which helps alleviate our cell phone bills with expensive texting plans!

4. Multimedia: Everyone knows about the iPhone camera, its amazing. Whether the 4 or 4S, it has enough power to replace point-and-shoot cameras from our lives. Recording HD video is just one touch away and no other smartphone makes it that easy and intuitive to share photos/videos with others than the iPhone.

5. Instagram: Yes, an app is a reason to buy a phone. Instagram truly is one of the most amazing apps I have ever used. It adds retro photography effects to our personal pictures we’ve snapped while combining a social networking community at the same time.

I’m sure there are definitely more reasons to own an iPhone, so what are your reasons why?


About Shawn

Freshman at Foothill College. Family, friends, basketball and technology are all I'm about!

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