Apple Event Coming Soon

Some time this month there will be an Apple media event to take place. Because Steve Job’s birthday is coming up on February 23rd, there shouldn’t be many doubts that the event will be dedicated to him. We do know that there will not be a product announcement, so there’s no need to concern the iPad 3 for the time being. However, the iPad 3 will make its appearance in March. The reason behind this theory is that according to a Japanese Apple site called Macotakara, a claim has stated that the iPad 3 will have it’s own announcement in March and then be released later that same month. This is great to hear, considering consumers now have a stronger sense of assurance to wait for the iPad 3 instead of buying the iPad 2 followed by soon regret of their impatience. In the mean time, what do you think the February event will have in store?


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Getting to know phones as well as keeping up-to-date with the advancement of technology is a great hobby of mine, and the only way I can make it more fun is by sharing my views with the rest of the world. Enjoy reading and feel free to give some feedback!!

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