Asus Transformer Prime Review!

The Asus Transformer Prime was the most anticipated device in 2011. One of the main reason is it’s the first tablet to use Tegra 3 quad core chip. It has been a few months and demand is still very high and is sold out nationwide. The build quality of the Prime is top notch. It has a full aluminum back and glass Super IPS display. The display itself is very bright, vibrant, and has great viewing angles. The Transformer Prime out of the box is running Android 3.2 but can easily be updated OTA to Android 4.0. It runs extremely smooth and I’ve seen little software bugs. Browsing the web is again very fast since its powered but a quad core processor. It’s easily one of the fastest tablet on the market. One of the great features of the Prime is you can buy a keyboard dock and transform your tablet to a loaded netbook. For the price of the Transformer Prime your getting a lot considering other tablets like the iPad 2 don’t offer the same power and memory for the same price of $500.

Check out the video for the full Review


10.1″ Super IPS LCD Display (1280×800)
1.3ghz Quad Core Tegra 3
 1gb RAM
32gb Internal memory
1080p 8mp camera w/ flash
1.2mp front camera 
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
8.3mm – 156g 


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    Annika Sorenstam
    Well, and so I was merely studying these comments when I read a new message from Lauren : and decided that I really had to respond, I mean how could I let that slide?

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