FlyGrip to the Rescue!

One of my favorite and hated quality of the iPhone was the screen size. I love how compact it is and how easy it is to maneuver with one hand but at the same time I craved those large displays on the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note and HTC Titan. When I got my Galaxy Nexus, while I loved the screen size, it was extremely hard to maneuver with one hand.

Now the Fly Grip is an accessory attachment that will work with any device, and I mean virtually any. We saw it demonstrated on the iPad 2. Instead of your device leaning against the palm of your hand it will lean on your fingers thus giving your thumbs a lot more travel. The end result means much more comfort and maneuvering across phones like the Galaxy Note and HTC Titan a whole lot easier. My initial impressions of the Fly Grip is great. I am a little worried that the clip will snap over time. The clip can also be used as a stand. My final impression will be posted in about a week.


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