Is Technology As Necessary As We Assume?

Last year as part of my Environmental Science class, I had to live a day without having an impact on the environment. I decided to not use any energy and boy was that a difficult choice. Without energy, I couldn’t use any form of electricity, which meant my phone and laptop were off limits. I couldn’t be any more serious when I tell people how hard that was. For a whole day, I didn’t know what was going on with my friends and how the rest of the world was doing unless I got out of the house and saw everything physically. After that day, I realized what a luxury technology is to our world. However, it’s just as much of a necessity as well. Without technology, we can’t do half of the things we want to. I might sound exaggerating to a good number of people out there, but this is a serious matter. Unable to access my facebook, twitter, and my phone, I couldn’t communicate with anyone unless I happened to be lucky and find them out and about. Sure I could write snail mail, but what good would that do for somebody who uses their machinery like it’s their only lifeline. The other day I thought about how simple and convenient computers and cell phones are supposed to make our lives. Even though that is its main purpose, it actually makes life a bit harder for those who weren’t born in my generation such as my grandparents because they were born without these devices and lived like “normal” people. If I showed my grandfather my iPhone 4, he would look at it with amazement and confusion, not knowing how in the world to use it. Then he would make a phone call to a friend with his Samsung flip phone from 2003 because of how “simple and convenient” it is to use. My point is, as years pass by, technology advances for the benefit of those accustomed to it while those born without it find their original methods even tremendously simpler. And as this technology advances, we find a greater need to own it and adapt it to our environment as we feel it is necessary to live. Although, I do believe that some devices are just out of the question and aren’t needed what so ever. What do the rest of you think? Has technology become a luxury, or is it so necessary that you can’t live a day without it?


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Getting to know phones as well as keeping up-to-date with the advancement of technology is a great hobby of mine, and the only way I can make it more fun is by sharing my views with the rest of the world. Enjoy reading and feel free to give some feedback!!

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