iPod Nano should mirror your iPhone?

This idea started when both Jordan and I were talking about the new G-Shock watch by Casio. This watch uses low energy Bluetooth 4.0 (the first of its kind) to connect with your iPhone 4s. The watch can show your text messages, emails and missed calls. That got me thinking, “Why couldn’t Apple create something like this?” The only problem is that the watch will retail $231 and it’s not the most attractive watch.

I remembered seeing pictures online and people wearing the new(ish) iPod Nano as a watch. That’s when it hit me. The next version of the iPod Nano should feature bluetooth 4.0 technology to mirror what your iPhone displays. I know most of us have pulled out our iPhone out of our pocket or purse to see what notification arrived on your iPhone. Sometimes it would be an important email or text, other times it could be a spam email or 3rd party application (facebook, twittter etc) and those notifications didn’t require our attention.

This is basically what our idea is. It’s a new iPod Nano can can display your iPhone’s notifications as they come onto your phone. It will also display who is calling and you can accept the call or reject it right from the iPod Nano. Other features may include Siri , microphone and front facing camera. It can show other important information like weather, appointments etc. This concept is basically what the Casio G-Shock but is deeply integrated in iOS and using the iPhones API’s to take advantage of more features like Siri.

What do you think of this idea?


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I'm a college student. I'm all about technology. It's something that comes natural to me, like breathing. I like to watch sports, football and baseball. Thanks for checking out our Blog.

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