iPad 3? What we expect.

Oh joy, it’s that time of year again. Rumors of Apple’s next generation iPad are starting to pour in. Apple’s Next Generation iPad is rumored to arrive in Spring (March?). Here is a list of rumored Features on the Apple iPad 3.

– Retina Display. The iPad 3 is said to have double the screen resolution as the iPad 2. The iPad 2 ppi is at 132 ppi compared to the iPhone 4’s 326 ppi. To be considered a Retina Display the iPad 3 must have a ppi greater than 300. There are already reports that Displays from Samsung, LG and Sharp are shipping screens with 2048×1536 pixels. That comes in at 264 ppi. Although it’s not over 300 ppi it’s double the current iPad’s ppi.

-New Design. Blogs have already said Apple’s entire 2012 line-up with get a hardware change, that includes the iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and Mac Line. The iPad 3 will  get a all new design. Feature may include thinner bezel, Backlight display. There are even reports that the iPad 3 may be even thicker than the iPad 2 (.7mm). Even though it’s not a big difference, it’s a little hard to believe Apple would make their next iPad Thicker.

Speed and Cameras- The next iPad will be rocking Apple’s new A6 quad core processor. We already know other tablet manufacturers will have Tegra 3 Quad Core Processor which will be found on the Asus Prime Tablet. We can also Expect and increase size in RAM (1GB). We should also see better camera for back and front facing cameras.

Software – We will not see iOS 6.0 on the iPad 3 but we should see other features on the iPad 3. One feature that we are already familiar about is Siri. Siri is already found on the iPhone 4S. It’s a safe bet we will see it on the iPad 3. Apple’s may also introduce an Aperture Application for iPad and update to iMovies etc.

4G LTE – Qualcomm has introduced a new chipset that works with LTE, UMTS, HSPA and CDMA. It’s a safe bet that Apple will snag these antenna chip and put them into the 4G comptable iPad 3 and upcoming iPhone 5/6.

There are also reports that the Next generation iPad will only be a minor upgrade from the current iPad 2. iPad 2S? No blogger knows what the Next Generation iPad will bring. The features above gives us a good idea of what it will include.


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