Fate of Blackberry Smart Phones?

Blackberry BBX powered Colt

Blackberries were considered as the “Smart Phone” before the launch of the Original iPhone in 2007. As more intuitive devices arrived, iPhone 3G, T-Mobile G1 and Palm Pre. Market Share of Blackberry Smartphone started free falling like no other. RIM was scrabbling trying to gain attraction and developer attention from the Storm 1 and 2 and Torch 9800. RIM’s smart phone sales sank to less than 10% for the first time, behind, Apple Inc, Samsung and HTC. Now the real question is, Can RIM save themselves?

In my opinion I do not see RIM coming back, they are definitely gonna stay in the game but no where near where there were 3-5 years ago. This past summer RIM Launched their Blackberry 7 Family (Bold 9900/30, Torch 9810, Torch 9850/60). Even though they are great devices, Blackberries just do not appeal to the average consumer any longer. Of course there will always be Blackberries users, most of them business users. But you can not deny that Blackberries have the best physical keyboards on the market and emailing on Blackberries can not be matched. So what’s the future for RIM?

RIM will abandon their Blackberry 7 operating system and introduce their BBX(QNX) operating System which is found on their Blackberry Playbook.BBX will support Android Applications and all new multitasking Gestures. RIM has delayed their launch to Q2 2012, which is really disappointing. RIM needs to bring these phones to market ASAP. Android Phones are being released every week and iPhones are selling like hotcakes, Nokia plans to invade the US in 2012 with wave of Windows Phone 7 Devices. RIM definitely needs to step it up with new hardware and intuitive software.


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