Android: Too Fast Too Furious?



The beauty of Android, customization and personal choice. Whatever we want on our phones, we are able to do. The possibilities are limitless, which was one of the reasons that prompted me to switch from my AT&T iPhone 4, to a Verizon Droid Bionic (hefty ETF included). Being that the Bionic was a beast of a phone, I thought the decision was valid and serve me well. I thought too soon, as the Droid RAZR and Galaxy Nexus were suprisingly launched the next couple of days. That led me to ask a question, is Android coming out with devices way too quickly?

Many people do prefer the open, highly customizable Android software over the tight ecosystem that Apple does have, but it comes at a price. Literally, as soon as a new Android phone is released, plenty more are announced. Personally, I prefer to have the latest and greatest, and it is very discouraging to see my new shiny device will be obsolete in a mere matter of months.

For example, the Droid Bionic was announced back in January, along with the Motorola Atrix at CES, but just arrived on U.S shelves in September. In Android time, that is a lifetime for a device. Now, phones like the Droid RAZR, has vastly improved hardware and software specs that just make me want to blow my Bionic into tiny little pieces.

Should companies slow down? I think that would be smart. Customers do want to have personal choice, but not at their own cost. With every hard owned dollar going towards each purchase, they want to make sure their devices will still be worth it and kept updated. If Android does a good job of still supporting the devices with updates (They have a bad rep for that), this should not be a problem. However, if this increases at a rapid rate, I can see Android turning into a monster that can’t be stopped.







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